Battlefield V reveals Chapter 6: In the Jungle

Battlefield V reveals Chapter 6: In the Jungle

Released at the end of 2018, Battlefield V has succeeded in returning to the origins of the series. Dice and Electronic Arts have not left players in need of new content since the game was launched with the regular addition of chapters to Tides of War, each with its own theme, and bringing plenty of new features.

Chapter 5 War in the Pacific brought a whole new front that allowed players to delve into another aspect of history, in addition to weapons, elites and factions, and even new amphibious vehicles, opening another field of possibilities in terms of strategy. The release of the next chapter is now very close, and it will continue to focus on the Pacific front.

Announced by EA and called Into the Jungle, this chapter will be available for free to all Battlefield V players from February 6. In terms of features, Into the Jungle includes quite a few of them. In particular, a new map located on the Solomon Islands will be perfect for infantry fighting as the area it represents is covered by thick jungle and mangrove.


Three new weapons will be available, including two for the Support class, the Model 37 shotgun and the FM type 11. The third, the M2 rifle, is intended for the Assault class, which will also benefit from two new gadgets, the M1A1 bazooka, and the lunge mine, also available for the Support class.

Into the Jungle will also offer three new Elites for Battlefield V: Steve Fisher and Akira Sakamoto, two pilots specialized in hand-to-hand combat, and Misaki Yamashiro, an assault specialist that you will unlock as a chapter reward by reaching rank 40.

Reaching rank 40 will also allow you to earn other chapter rewards that include skins, emblems, and weapons. And as in the previous chapters, you can earn more by completing the weekly challenges.

Chapter 6 Into the Jungle with all this new content will arrive in Battlefield V on February 6 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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