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    Taking place sometime after the events of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, this time you will play as Gabriel Belmont, who has transformed into the fearsome vampire known as Dracula, Prince of Darkness.

    Dracula is back once again, weak and hoping to find release from his immortal bonds. Having been warned by Zobek of the return of Satan who once again wants to bring the Apocalypse and get his revenge, he must regain his powers of old and will make a pact with Death itself to defeat the Devil, and gain his eternal rest. The key to him regaining his power lies in his castle but The Brotherhood of Light and his own descendants, the Belmont Clan (of whom a new member debuts), and his son, Alucard, have infiltrated the castle and are prepared to destroy him this time.

    The story itself spans centuries, even going into more modern times. Taking place in an open world, the player will have access to Dracula´s main weapon, his Blood Whip, a weapon that is comparable to the Combat Cross from the original Lords of Shadow. Replacing the magic system from the previous game, you find the Void Sword and the Chaos Claws. The Void Sword can replenish Dracula's health when used, while the Chaos Claws can be used to break through enemy defenses and deliver powerful attacks. Another addition that was not in the original game is the ability to freely control the camera as opposed to a fixed one.

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