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    The adventures of Link continue in 3DS. Our hero is destined once more to save Princess Zelda and restore the peace in Hyrule. The evil sorcerer Yuga is trying to resurrect the Demon King, Ganon, and to achieve that he needs the descendants Seven Sages and the Princess. He plans on turning them into pictures and then use their power to obtain Hyrule's Triforce. Kidnapping them and going to the world of Lorule will set the start for this new adventure. The game follows the path of its predecessor, Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past and it's an action-adventure in stereoscopic 3D graphics. The biggest change it brings to the series is the possibility of “merging” with the walls, allowing Link to move along them and reach areas that he normally wouldn't be able to discover. Join Link in another incredible adventure, solve puzzles, explore dungeons and rescue his friends to save Hyrule and restore Lorule back to its full glory!

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