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    Thief is a stealth adventure, where your character´s skills will allow him to perform incredible feats. The main storyline develops as you complete the missions you are assigned, but there are plenty of optional side missions.

    You play Garrett, the Master Thief. An orphan left to wander the streets, you trained yourself to gain the skills of an extraordinary burglar. Garrett finds himself partnering with a young thief named Erin. Guiding someone so brash and inexperienced is already troublesome, but when Erin inadvertently interrupts mages performing a ritual and unleashes a terrible plague, Garrett is forced to discover the source of this malady and recover his partner before something worse happens.

    You have the incredible skills of a Master Thief and a set of equipment that will help you deal with almost any situation.

    Sneak through shadows, survive through stealth. You’re no tank, but a master at hiding and trickery. Garrett can vanish in the darkness, peek around corners and keyholes, and use distractions to lure guards away from their posts.

    Steal from the rich. Pickpocket unwary passersby, cut priceless painting off of their frames, grab every valuable object that isn’t nailed down.

    Outwit a variety of intelligent foes. If you’re spotted, enemies will hunt you down. Guards know the layout of the map and will look for you in likely hiding spots. 

    Explore maps designed to test your skills. There’s usually more than one point of entry and various ways to overcome obstacles. Violence is a last resort--stealth is your primary weapon.

    Use the Focus skill to help you spot any item you can interact with, identify attack points on enemies, slow time (allowing you to pickpocket more easily), or examine locks to pick them faster.

    Use the tools of a master thief. Scale walls using the Claw, knock out foes with the blackjack, disarm traps and alarms with the wirecutter, and unlock doors and chests with your lockpicks. Special equipment like an upgradable bow and different types of arrows will allow you to extinguish fires or create clouds of dense smoke. Grappling hooks to use on special places and a blackjack to knock people out are also part of your arsenal, so be creative!

    Thief is the ultimate stealth game, with ground-breaking visual elements and a truly tactile and visceral first-person experience.


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    • Technical information

    • Official website : Thief
    • Categories : Action , Adventure
    • Editor : Eidos Interactive Corp.
    • Developer : EIDOS Montreal
    • Mode(s) : Solo
    • Release date : February 27, 2014
    • System Requirements
      • Minimum
      • OS : Windows Vista
      • CPU : Core i5 750S
      • RAM : 4 GB
      • GPU : GeForce GTS 250 / Radeon 4800
      • Storage : 20 GB
      • Recommended
      • OS : Windows 7 / 8
      • CPU : FX 8000 / i7 Quad Core
      • RAM : 4 GB
      • GPU : Geforce GTX 660 / Radeon HD R9 series
      • Storage : 20 GB
    • Age Rating
    • PEGI 16ESRB M
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