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    Murder happens all the time, it's a sad part of our world. But what if you were given the chance to solve the most important murder of all time? Your own. That's something you get to do in Murdered : Soul Suspect, a supernatural mystery adventure game where you are a spirit trying to solve the mystery of who murdered you. You play as Ronan O'Connor, a detective who finds himself on the wrong end of a burglary and dies as a result. Now trapped in the world of Limbo known as "Dusk", he is told that his only escape is to find his killer. Luckily, he won't just be able to observe, with newfound abilities he'll be able to use his detective skills to figure out the truth behind his death. And oh what a mystery it is. You'll get to explore the mysterious city of Salem, a place that is tied to the supernatural world in more ways than one, and through exploration, you'll not only find clues, but a whole cast of characters who may know more than they're telling. Using your supernatural abilities you'll be able to possess them, get them to do things for you, and even read their minds and thoughts to learn what they know. Plus, when a suspect is leaving, you can follow them easier than you ever could before. Walk through walls, teleport, whatever it takes to ensure they don't get away. Add to that, there's plenty of other mysteries in Salem just waiting to be solved. Why just solve your own murder when you can learn more by solving other people's? The journey to end begins with your end, only in Murdered : Soul Suspect.

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