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    Thunder Wolves is an action-packed shoot 'em up video game developed by Most Wanted Entertainment and published by bitComposer Games. Set during the late 21st century, the player takes control of Thunder Wolves – a crack team of helicopter pilots whose mission is to save the world from disaster and destruction.

    The story begins in March 2021, when a chemical plant deep within Russia's tundra explodes with devastating consequences for humanity. As the masterminds behind this disaster plot their next move, it falls to Thunder Wolves to defend humanity from further harm. Gameplay wise, players take direct control of one of eight helicopters that form part of the deadly squadron known as The Wolves – each machine comes equipped with powerful weapons like machine guns, homing missiles, and smart bombs; all aimed at aiding you in your fight against sinister forces bent on global annihilation. Players are tasked with completing numerous missions over landmasses around the globe while they attempt to locate weapon caches or collect materials required for experimental prototypes sent back to them by scientists -all while averting danger using air-to-ground combat tactics.

    As their adventures unfold across multiple continents–from Himalayan peaks to Amazon jungles–players will have access to a range of gadgets, upgrades, and armaments that will help them take down their opponents. If you're a fan of classic shoot 'em up games like Raiden V or even more modern titles such as ACE COMBAT, then Thunder Wolves is definitely one to look out for. With its intense action-packed combat sequences and the realistic destruction of environments and enemies, it's sure to please even the most hardcore gamer.

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