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    Spintires is a video game about off-road driving. The game was developed by Pavel Zagrebelnyj and it was published by the UK publisher Oovee. The objective in Spintires is to drive off-road vehicles through muddy, difficult muddy terrain and complete your assignments. Spintires released on June 13, 2014, and since then the game sold over 100, 000 copies. Spintires puts you behind the vehicles of various off-road vehicles and puts you on muddy unpaved Russian roads with one mission: transport the cargo to the designated location without depleting all your resources (fuel) or damaging the vehicles. Spintires truly tests the player's skills when it comes to off-road driving, especially when the means of transportation are aging Soviet vehicles. Spintires features both a single-player mode, for players that want to play the game slowly, enjoying the experience while learning to drive on treacherous roads, and a multiplayer experience, where you will compete with other players to see who's the better off-road driver. Spintires takes physics, mud, and terrain deformation into account to make the driving as real as possible. Driving controls are also complex, and the day/night cycle adds to the immersion of the game. The terrain is challenging and tricky, so players have to focus on driving to their fullest extent to make sure they don't waste fuel or crash their vehicle. Spintires caters to both casual and hardcore players with the casual and hardcore mode. Players who pick the hardcore mode will have to work extra hard to finish their objectives as fuel consumption gets increased in hardcore mode and the routes that the player charts on the map won't get displayed as a guide on the road as they keep driving, which will make the game much harder. Spintires allows you to move the camera around the vehicle by using the mouse, and there's only the camera that's positioned outside the vehicle, there's no in-car view in Spintires.

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