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    A masterpiece from developer KEIZO that is 14 years in the making, ASTLIBRA Revision combines the very best of platforming and JRPG mechanics with a sweeping saga about time and destiny. 

    Your unnamed protagonist and your best friend are fleeing from demonic invaders when you are knocked out. Upon reviving, you find your friend has been taken away, and your only companion is a talking crow named Karon, who informs you that every other human has disappeared from the face of the Earth. You are determined to find your friend, so you and your new companion begin a quest that will take years to complete, and will see you journey through both space and time.

    From here on, you will explore an enormous world filled with ferocious monsters and challenging bosses. You must slash and pummel your way through each one to finally defeat the demonic invasion. Collect and use the most tactical set of weapons you can find. Swords, spears, throwing knives, and magical staves are all par for the course. Level up your character and acquire skills that will decimate all that stand in your way.

    ASTLIBRA Revision has more to offer once you complete it. Play a postscript after the last chapter, and you will find yourself on a fresh new adventure.

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