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1428: Shadows over Silesia

  • PC
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    The end of the world is near in 1428: Shadows over Silesia, a dark fantasy action adventure set in an alternate version of Europe. The religious upheaval has the continent in disarray while the devil worshippers spread their corruption across the land. Hynek, a Hussite hetman, and Lothar, a Hospitaller knight, have opposite points of view of a conflict that pits their comrades against each other. They have to let their grievances aside in order to fight against an enemy that is even more dangerous. 

    1428: Shadows over Silesia is an exciting adventure full of mystery and puzzles. You explore a variety of scenarios in a city suffering the woes of war while fighting against all odds and trying to uncover dark secrets. You will need to fight against robbers, knights, villagers, and even supernatural beings in this epic adventure. Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid tough battles with stealth. If you are attacked by three opponents you are as good as dead. 

    Gloomy environments, obscure secrets, hidden agendas, and creatures from the shadows await you in this unique gothic adventure.

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