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    Fractured Online is an open-world MMORPG set in a dynamic fantasy universe. This sandbox adventure mixes action combat and unique environments to deliver an epic experience. The game features three different worlds in constant evolution through a day/night cycle. Monsters and locations constantly change, settlements raise and get destroyed, and the scenarios you know will change every time you visit them. You will need to adapt to the shifting condition of this universe if you want to survive and thrive. 

    The economy of Fractured Online is controlled by players. They gather materials, craft the items, and trade with them. You can speculate with the valuable components that you gather during your adventures to get high profits, craft powerful equipment for yourself, or just spend your hard-earned money to buy what you need from other players. You can even build your own house and even create a settlement with the help of your guildmates. Of course, you will need to protect your territory from hostile threats too.

    Fractured Online features an action-based combat system with over 400 skills that you can combine to fight against your opponents. Start with a few ones and unlock more as you play and you will create your own combat style. You can change your skill set to adapt to any situation.

    If you are into PvP, Fractured Online lets you test your mettle against other players in exciting battles that take place on asteroids only accessible via stargates. You can fight alone or as part of a guild and gather exclusive rewards for climbing to the top of the leaderboards.

    Fractured Online offers you an exciting sandbox universe and gameplay focused on action.

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