Arcadia Fallen

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    Arcadia Fallen is an RPG and visual novel that sees your character, an apprentice alchemist, bonded against your will to a summoned spirit. Somehow, you must set aside your differences and work together with your party to save the world. 

    Experience an RPG where your choices make your character. In each dialogue choice, you can select between shy, bold, or joking, and your choice will influence what you will face later on in the story.

    Design your alchemist character. Choose how they look, their name, their pronouns, and their voice. Solve alchemy puzzles using logic and skill. Uncover secret recipes that will let you create spectacular magical effects, then use your skills to fight demon bosses and save your people. 

    Every solution you make can change the world for the better. There are no bad endings in Arcadia Fallen, only different outcomes from each choice. So what will you choose?

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