ZERO Sievert

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    Loot your way through the post-apocalypse, living off the fat of what’s left of the land! ZERO Sievert is a top-down survival roguelike shooter set in the aftermath of a nuclear war. Build up your base, scavenge in the wasteland, and find a way to survive the end of the world.

    Society is nearly wiped out after World War III and it’s everyone for themselves. You have your work cut out for you just to survive. Start by prepping your bunker, a place where you can craft, mod your gear, trade with other survivors, and customize rooms to make them your own.

    Once you’re ready, pick up your gun and head outside to scavenge. You won't have much to begin with so you'll need to grab what you can find. You’ll be competing with bandits to grab loot, so you need to be quick on the trigger. And don’t even get started on the mutated animals roaming the wasteland.

    You’ll be able to explore different biomes: the Mall, the Forest, the Camp, and more. Each location is procedurally generated with new hiding places, items, and enemies. You must adapt to each situation to make it back to your base alive.

    Get better with every run. Pick up 30 unique guns and mod them with 150 customizations. Upgrade your equipment and become the hunter instead of the hunted. Life is war now in the post-apocalypse, but you can carve out an empire if you have the guts to do so. Welcome to ZERO Sievert.

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