Zero Sievert is an unforgiving Tarkov in 2D

Zero Sievert is an unforgiving Tarkov in 2D

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person action RPG simulator that has become a favorite of those players looking for an exciting and realistic experience. This multiplayer shooter is set in a fictional city in Nothern Russia that several militaristic factions strive to control. The game features a unique approach to the genre with a minimalistic HUD and it's quite immersive. You can craft and modify weapons with the parts that you can retrieve during raids and missions, it's possible to steal equipment from the enemies you kill, and overall, Tarkov is quite a hardcore experience when compared to other games. Surprisingly, the developers of Zero Sievert have managed to recreate a similar experience in a game with pixel graphics in 2D that has caught the eye of many fans already.

The aftermath of an apocalypse

Zero Sievert has launched in Early Access via Steam a few days ago, but it's quite popular among those looking for a challenging survival-action experience. Taking inspiration from games like Stalker and Escape from Tarkov, the game puts you in the shoes of a scavenger that tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic Eastern Europe setting. The gameplay revolves around a fortified settlement that serves as a hub for your operations. The game features several areas that you can explore as you please. You start with limited resources and cash, and you need to buy whatever you need to be able to improve your equipment and keep yourself alive. That includes food, drink, armor, weapons, ammunition, and more.



All this seems to be standard for any similar game, but Zero Sievert takes it to the limit. You can take on missions to complete while you explore the different areas that surround the starting area. These include killing different types of enemies, recovering items, and more. When you explore inhospitable areas, you will find wild animals, bandits, and mutated monstrosities that will attack you. As you progress through the game, you will gather valuable items that you can sell for cash in order to get better equipment and weapons, which conversely will allow you to take on harder missions and explore new areas. 

The beauty of Zero Sievert is that it manages to deliver an exciting gameplay experience with top-down pixel art graphics in 2D. The game puts great attention to detail with a myriad of items that you can craft, ways of improving the base, and abilities that you can unlock. If you die during a mission (which is extremely common) you lose any loot that you have gathered and have to start all over. Observation and your own experience are the most important factors to stay alive in Zero Sievert, although a nice gun can also help.

If you want to immerse into the post-apocalyptic world of Zero Sievert looking for a challenge, you can find the best deals to get your Zero Sievert Steam key with our comparator. Remember that the game is still in Early Access and the developer will be adding more features and content ahead of the release of the final version.

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