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    Build up a city just for goblins in Goblins of Elderstone. A unique crafting and city builder, you command a tribe of goblins to create the greatest city in the world—assuming you can get them to work together, that is.

    Start from a small goblin tribe and grow your people. Using free-form city construction, decide how you want your settlement to grow. Goblins being the disorganized and creative creatures that they are, don’t expect your buildings to be made in neat rows, but you will see your citizens connect them with various roads and bridges. 

    Keep your goblins busy with jobs. Have them forage, collect, craft, trade, or steal what they need. Use up to 30 different resources to help build your tribe. You will also need to keep the other goblin tribes in line with threats, diplomacy, and occasionally, some focused violence.

    Choose between creating a trading empire, a civilization based on faith, or a warlike race that will conquer and pillage other nations. Deal with other races and make even the gods themselves tremble before your might. Before long, no one will look at you as a race of weaklings again! Build up your empire in Goblins of Elderstone!

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