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    A universe made out of voxels—that’s what awaits you in Dual Universe. Enter an open-world sci-fi MMO where you can build just about anything you wish in a single persistent environment. 

    The Earth is long gone, destroyed by a collision with a neutron star. You wake up from cryosleep on a spaceship bound for another solar system in the far regions of space. You must rebuild human civilization in this new solar system, but how you build it is entirely up to you.

    Build anything your mind can see using voxels. Homes, skyscrapers, race tracks, space stations—you dream it, you can create it, and the whole community of players will be able to see and experience it.

    If you prefer, you can spend your time trading in the player-driven economy. Create a mining business where you can trade minerals with other players, haul cargo across space using trade ships, or create weapon systems for battleships.

    You may also engage in combat in the far regions of the solar system where laws are not enforced. Build a fleet and attack other factions, or use it to protect your own trading routes. You can also vie for supremacy over an Alien Core Unit and its resources. Or you can enforce peace through superior firepower. Be exactly the character you want to be—the choice is yours in Dual Universe.

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