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    In the horror Metroidvania Zapling Bygone,you play a green mutant attempting to absorb enemies in a post-apocalyptic world. In a twisted version of Rockman, you can absorb the powers of those you slay. 

    Defeat bosses such as the Rat King, The Protector, and a mechanized monster, then absorb their powers by wearing their skulls. Their abilities let you move through levels in unique ways and fight enemies that would otherwise overwhelm you. You can gain such abilities as climbing walls, shooting laser beams from your eyes, and gaining a grappling hook that will let you swing around a level. 

    You will explore an enormous world that becomes more open to you with each new ability you gain. Travel through six different biomes, each telling a different tale of woe: a town filled with mutated rats and plants, a city that has been infected by a strange virus, and a mountain filled with the remnants of a technologically advanced civilization. 

    By absorbing the minds of each boss, you can also discover their backstories, giving you clues as to how the world came to be as it is. This is your world now to explore and conquer. Welcome to Zapling Bygone.

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