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    Create your own destiny in a vast, procedurally generated galaxy in Star Valor, an action RPG where you decide what you want to be. Trader, bounty hunter, miner, pirate, or somewhere in between, you get to decide.

    Start off with a small basic vessel and build your way up to a legendary starship. Perform jobs for the seven factions to create allies, or go independent and chart your own course. There is so much you can do—mine asteroids for precious minerals, hunt down criminals for a bounty, prey on trade ships to gain loot, and craft a variety of weapons to terrorize your foes. Fight in ship-to-ship combat, or in massive fleet wars to dominate enemies.

    As you gain more credits, you can upgrade your ship to a powerful vessel capable of taking on all foes. Choose from over 80 types of ships with 160 kinds of equipment to customize it with. 

    As you level up, you can also use your experience points to unlock skills that will define your playstyle. And since you can’t conquer the galaxy alone, hire mercenaries to man your turrets and other defense systems.  

    The vast universe awaits you—what path will you choose in Star Valor?

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