4th Generation Warfare

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    Sometimes you have to take resort to illegal means to achieve your goals, even in global politics and international relations. 4th Generation Warfare allows you to put it into practice as the leader of a nation that struggles to gain supremacy over its enemies. In this 4X real-time strategy wargame, you send your agents all over the world to do whatever it takes in order to disrupt your enemies and gain political advantage. Sabotage, hacking, corruption, assassination... anything goes if you want to achieve global domination. Take advantage of political destabilization to accomplish your goal and get your enemies in a world of trouble while comfortably sitting at your office.

    4th Generation Warfare lets you deploy your agents in a grid that represents the world while they take on undercover missions on enemy countries. Each of them has its own personality, history, skills, and equipment, and you will need to choose the most suitable task for them. Of course, your enemies won't be idle, and you will need to take measures to prevent them from gaining influence and interfering with your plans by using the same tactics you are using against them.

    In4th Generation Warfare, everything is represented by a detailed interface full of menus and tooltips that looks complex, but it's easy to handle. If you put a bit of effort into it, world domination is at hand!

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