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    Aliens have descended upon the world and stolen all our reserves of soda, leaving only diet. This calls for nothing less than an all-out war! Soda Crisis is a rapid-fire side-scrolling shooter where you play a nameless hero of unknown origins, fighting against impossible odds. You’ll need every one of your high-tech weaponry and combat skills to fight an alien enemy with even a more powerful arsenal and a full-on army to boot.

    Dash, jump, wall-run, and dodge your way through intricate levels filled with lightning-fast traps and enemies. You can adjust your playstyle and loadout as you unlock more weapons. Go full auto with guns, or wield melee weapons to bash enemy heads in. You can also upgrade your companion robot, Doomie, with abilities that take effect during “counter time,” which is right after you dodge an attack.

    And if you die, the level quickly restarts, getting you back in the fight in no time at all. You also get upgraded with each game over, until you become a death-dealing powerhouse. Soda Crisis used cartoony graphics, but is full of bullet-shooting mayhem designed for speed runs. Can you beat the aliens and put an end to our soda drought?

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