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    Welcome to a world of anime monster girls and quests into the Mysterious Dungeon! Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure 2 is a rogue-like RPG featuring cute anime girls you can meet, befriend, and recruit as party members.

    Customize your player character and start on your quest. The world of the Mysterious Dungeon is an ever-changing procedurally generated map. On your turn, you can walk, attack, or use an item. Choose the best action to take on each turn as you go across a dungeon level, because your enemies will do the same.

    Now and then, you may encounter monster girls you can fight and turn into allies. If they become your friends, you can invite them to your base and take them on adventures. Now you can have up to three monster girl companions at a time and six in reserve. You can even switch party members during an adventure, allowing for an unprecedented degree of tactics during encounters. 

    If you want to take a break, you can head back to your village and start decorating. Purchase furniture, craft powerful equipment, put up stores, and enlarge your village to create the finest base there is. Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure 2 is packed with more quests, more loot, more encounters, and most of all, more monster girls!

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    Reward Event Unleash your magic powers as a Triarch Magnus and fight to save your world from a tyrant in Immortals of Aveum. - 74
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