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    The battlefields of the Alpine heights call to you in Isonzo. An authentic first-person shooter from the makers of Verdun and Tannenberg, Isonzo thrusts you into a brutal war in the mountainous region of Italy. Fight your way through rocky ravines, mountain villages, and snow-covered peaks as you engage the enemy.

    Take part in famous battles that shaped the course of the war. Fight your way through the Sixth Battle of Isonzo, and participate in the Strafexpedition. In the Offensive mode, you will find yourself on important historical battlefronts on breathtaking Italian landscapes. Not only must you decide how to proceed with your assault—you can also shape the battlefield by placing sandbags for defense, cutting through barbed wire fences, laying armor crates, placing periscopes, and more. By correctly navigating the mountainous battlefield, you can flank the enemy or help an ally.  

    Arm yourself with historically accurate gear. Use colored flares to call for artillery or air support. Engage in close quarters combat using an Arditi knife or a pickaxe. But beware—just like real combat, a single shot can kill you, while an untreated minor wound can cause you to bleed out.

    You can also choose from one of six combat roles to play. Each has its own unique gear loadout and skills. You can also customize your character with uniforms, headgear, accessories, and facial features. This makes Isonzo one of the most realistic WWI combat shooters ever made.

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