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    War is more than just a battlefield, it's an experience that few can truly understand. For what happens on those battlefields can scar for eternity. Now, you'll get to witness and experience one of the most terrifying and brutal wars ever: WWI. For in Verdun, the very first first-person shooter to ever take place in WWI, you'll get to see and be a part of the battles that would forever change the world. For better, and for worse. Verdun takes place in 1914-1918, on the western front that has became famous. You'll get to take part in the battles that helped define the war, including the infamous battle that the game is named after: Verdun. The maps of the game have been built to be as realistic to the real French and Belgian areas that the battles took part in. You'll also get to see exactly what World War I weaponry was like, as well as the true brutality and horror that the infamous trench warfare brought with it. There are several modes in Verdun that you can play in, but the Frontlines mode is where you'll get to see trench warfare up close and personal as you try to defend yours as well as take enemy encampments. But it won't be easy, strategy will be required, else you'll perish with your comrades. You'll get to choose what kind of squad you want to fight in, with each one having special abilities, weapons, and upgradable skills that you can use in further battles. The war is here, be ready for what's coming.

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