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Slime Factory

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    Build a farm for slimes in Slime Factory, a farming sim where you manage resources, buildings, workers, and of course, slimes in a vast open world.

    Improve your slime farm by researching and building new devices, constructing building improvements, and combining various resources into useful items. You must also manage your slimes and meet their specific needs. You can also have your robot help you with your job. Complete these tasks and you’ll quickly build up income.  

    You can find more slimes out in the wild. Explore various open world environments to discover different species, as well as resources and secrets. You don’t have to go at it alone. You can find numerous merchants and NPCs who will provide services to help you improve your factory. You can also obtain useful pets to improve your cash flow and obtain useful resources. 

    But not everyone is friendly to you. Watch out for the minions of Lord Dark Head, who will come at night to attack your farm. Use your cannon to protect your slime and buildings, and drive your enemies back. Once you have fully upgraded your cannon, you can challenge Lord Dark Head himself in his lair. There’s so much you can do in Slime Factory, so it’s time to get a-farmin’!

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