A World of Little Legends

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    Enter an adorable world inside a snowglobe, a place where you can explore and craft to your heart’s content. A World of Little Legends is a cozy adventure game where you travel to a fantasy open world, much like Minecraft. You find yourself in this place when you admired a magical snow globe while at a country fair. Now you’re trapped in that world, but you’ll find there's plenty here to do!

    Generate your own character and choose their appearance, then explore the world around you. Mine resources, build a home, craft items, hunt in the wilderness, and create the home you’ve always dreamed of.

    If you prefer, you can grow your own farm, planting rare flowers and helping your crops grow through magic. You can also gather all kinds of animals to live on the farm. 

    You can also use tools to shape the land to your liking. Flatten hills, dig up rocks, and alter the landscape to create the perfect place to build your home.

    There’s also a whole world out there ripe for exploration. Brave forests, plains, and desert environments on your search for treasure. Gather resources you can use for crafting, but beware of enemies. Even this magical world is rife with hidden dangers. It’s all part of the charm of A World of Little Legends.

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