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    Welcome to the world of Strawhart, a first-person action-puzzle game where you go on a quest to start your own cult. But to do so, you must free a dark and dangerous entity from its mystical prison. 

    You are a magician from the land of Acre. Unfortunately, Acre is under attack by a malevolent force that no one has the power to defeat. But you have an idea of how to stop it. By allying yourself with a formidable entity, you gain magical powers and draw believers to your cause.

    Your magical powers will allow you to change the rules of reality. You can pass through walls, shoot beams of energy, defy gravity, and change objects in your environment. You can even use a pumpkin as a magic weapon! You’ll need all this magic power to solve the 80 challenging puzzles you will encounter. True, your power comes from an ancient and not exactly stable evil force, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  

    As you travel the world, you can gather believers to your side to form a cult. Meet and recruit crazy followers, perform arcane rituals, and amass even more power, which you’ll need to face an even greater evil. Enter Strawhart and begin your quest!

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