Pharaoh: A New Era

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    Bring the Egyptian Empire to its zenith with Pharaoh: A New Era. A remastered version of the Egyptian city builder, Pharaoh: A New Era updates the classic game with astounding graphics, a modernized UI, and a royal expansion featuring the Queen of the Nile herself, Cleopatra.

    Delve into the history of an ancient empire with Sierra’s finest city builder. Play through a 50-mission campaign as you build and expand your city on the desert sands. Build magnificent monuments such as the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. 

    But there’s more to being a ruler than constructing buildings. You must also manage your city’s health, religion, agriculture, trade, and education. Defend your people in times of economic, military, and natural crises. When the barbarians are at the gates, you must keep them at bay. Play a memorable campaign story where you build a culture whose influence will endure for centuries to come. 

    Pharaoh: A New Era introduces 4k HD graphics and upgraded gameplay mechanics, befitting a modern-day pharaoh. All that's needed is a new ruler to rise. Will you create a new empire and bring it to its golden age? Or will your legacy disappear beneath the sands?

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