Six Days in Fallujah

  • PC
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    In this first-person tactical shooter, you are a member of a fireteam deployed in Fallujah during one of the most intense urban battles since 1968. Experience the real events of the battle through stories narrated by real people as you navigate through scenarios that take a new shape every time you play. Each game will be completely different to recreate the feeling of uneasiness of the war, where you don´t know what to expect. The enemy could be hiding behind any corner, and you will have to make use of all your tactical awareness to come up with the best strategy for every situation.

    Six Days in Fallujah allows you to experience modern war how it's really fought, with no filters. You need to guide your team through a labyrinth of streets and buildings while you fight insurgents, avoid Iraqi civilians, and try to keep your men alive under pressure. 

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