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    Having to deal with the unending stream of souls that enter the realm of Death is quite a busy business. In fact, it may be too much for you in Have a Nice Death, a dynamic action-platformer in 2D where you play as an overworked Death. You usually have your employees to help you with your job, but they have run rampant, and now you have to abandon your plans for well-deserved vacations to show them who is the boss.

    Grab your scythe and traverse procedurally-generated scenarios as you fight the employees of Death Inc. Make use of a variety of deadly weapons to teach them a lesson by unleashing powerful attacks. You won´t have to worry about dying. After all, you are Death itself, and all the experience you accumulate on every run will be used to unlock additional upgrades. 

    Have a Nice Death is an action roguelike game that features dynamic and fast-paced gameplay, a unique and charming art style, and a good dose of humor.

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