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    In Dysterra, the discovery of a powerful mineral known as Terrasite has led to a reckless mining race to the heart of the planet. This has caused the eruption of a gigantic pillar of fire that is about to wipe all life from the planet. The only possible way of surviving is by collecting as much Terrasite as possible to build your own base.

    Dysterra is a futuristic survival action game where you explore your surroundings while gathering minerals and other resources you need for survival. The game features detailed survival mechanics and requires you to keep an eye on your physical condition and take care of your necessities. The more resources you gather, the better chances of survival you will have, as you can use them to craft items and construct structures that will protect you from different threats. As you progress through the game, you will research new technologies that will let you build advanced weapons and more.

    Dysterra features first-person combat with melee weapons and firearms. You will need them to defend yourself from other players' attacks and secure your base from raids. But not everything will be hostile to you in the game. The pillar of fire coming from the depths of the planer is a huge threat that you won't be able to face alone, and only by visiting certain locations with the help of other players you will be able to prevent it from burning everything.

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