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    Defend a kingdom from threats outside its borders and within its own walls in Diplomacy is not an option. In this strategy game, you play a young lord beset with the heavy burden—the peasants are rebelling, the king is a fool, the advisers are liars, and you have no recourse but to go to war. Can you save the kingdom? How will you survive?

    War is upon you. Your king is courageous but quarrelsome. Because of his mistakes, the kingdom suffers and the peasants are rebelling. Now he must rely on you to keep the kingdom together. You must hunt down the rebel leaders, and at the same time, find enough treasure to save the kingdom’s economy. Employ magic if you must, but remember that it’s looked upon with suspicion.

    Physics are a thing. Diplomacy is Not an Option relies on physics to govern combat. Ranged units must be on higher ground to shoot further and they must have a clear view of the targets. You must position your units correctly if you want to win battles. 

    The people are your lifeblood. Even as you go to war, you must also take care of the citizens. Allow starvation and disease to run rampant and you’ll soon have only skeletons guarding your towers. You also need to take care of your supplies of wood, stone, and iron if you wish to maintain your economy. Protect your economy to keep your army well-fed and well-armed. 

    Your enemies are at the gates. How will you fare in Diplomacy is Not an Option?

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