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    Enter a colorful world full of strange creatures and help the Kukoos to uncover the secret behind the rebellion of the pets. Kukoos - Lost Pets is an exciting platformer with beautiful graphics where you traverse different worlds while avoiding enemies and traps and solving environmental puzzles. 

    The Kukoo Tree is a special place that connects different worlds. Each of the doors in the tree leads to different dimensions, and you will need to use them to access previously peaceful worlds that are now suffering because of the rebellion of the pets. It turns out that evil beings have brainwashed the pets, and you will have to defeat dangerous bosses to free them. Kukoos - Lost Pets challenges you with plenty of puzzles as you navigate across levels full of enemies. Solving them requires you to be creative and think outside of the box, as the game features plenty of different interactive mechanics.

    If you are skilled and resourceful enough, you will reach the boss at the end of every level and defeat it to free a pet. Every pet that you manage to rescue will grant you special powers and join you in your epic adventure to restore the world of Kukoos - Lost Pets to its original status. Remember to search for collectible items and coins in your travels to unlock special rewards and additional content.

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