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    Welcome to Tavern Master, where you build the most comfortable and profitable tavern in all of the medieval times! In this management game, you construct, manage, and improve your very own tavern, complete with food, lodgings, and servants. Keep your customers happy and they’ll keep the coin flowing into your coffers.

    Create the perfect tavern. Start by choosing and designing the walls, floor space, windows, and furniture of your establishment. You may not have enough gold to have a huge tavern right from the start, but with some work, you’ll get there. Don’t forget to give your tavern a name.

    Perfect your tavern layout. Is your tavern maximizing your floor space? Are there enough lights to attract customers? Are there decorations and good furniture to beautify the place? Are your musicians any good? Are the tables arranged such that your workers have ample space to move? Look for ways to make your tavern as efficient as possible. 

    Cater to your guests. Create rooms to give guests board and lodging. Depending on the quality of the room, you can charge more or less gold. It’s up to you to decide if you want larger, more expensive rooms, or smaller, cheaper rooms to house more guests. Coupled with good food and drink, you'll have everything you need to run a good tavern. Start your medieval business now in Tavern Master.

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