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    Treasures of the Aegean is an epic adventure that allows you to delve into the story of the Minoan civilization. Follow parkour master Marie Taylor and treasure hunter James Andrew as they explore the origins of an ancient kingdom in the volcanic island of Thera. The Minoans were destroyed after their island sank in the ocean after a volcanic eruption. Several thousand years have passed since then, but the island has resurfaced, and our brave pair of heroes decide to explore it. They discover a lost citadel trapped in a time loop that hides the secrets of the ancient Minoan civilization. But the impending threat of a new volcanic eruption doesn't give them much time to explore.

    Treasures of the Aegean is a historical thriller that is played as a sidescroller platformer in 2D. It also features puzzles that you will have to solve as you explore every corner of the island, looking for artifacts and any clue that can lead you to a way of stopping the impending disaster. As you investigate the area, you will discover an ancient Minoan prophecy, and you may find the solution to your problems if you manage to decipher it. 

    Are you ready to explore an ancient world full of mysteries in Treasures of the Aegean?

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