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    InfraSpace is a sci-fi city builder where you'll have to build an efficient and independent utopia, where you'll have to manage your resources to achieve that goal. 

    Since you can't actually buy the resources you need in order to build, as you do on Earth, you must put your first settlers at work and make them mine instead. Have them work together for the greater good and gather some raw materials like sulfur, sand, iron, or carbon. Once you have those materials ready, it is time to make your first buildings and build a concrete factory and a steel mill, in order to lay down the foundation of your infrastructure. Remember that you're in outer space and common resources like food and oxygen are not widely available, for that you must build a steady production chain that may never be broken in order for your colony to survive.

    Build multi-lane roads, roundabouts, and highways in order to support the vast amount of transportation required to maintain a big city in outer space. Every single car in the game is simulated and it's required a certain amount of resources to be produced.

    The first arrivals were brave astronauts that came to this new planet to ensure humanity's survival. As time goes by, you'll have to feed and take care of them to keep your outpost running. You will see your small settlement grow into a bigger city, and once that time comes, you will need to cover the needs of increased workload by making engineers and scientists. Make sure your schools can deal with the endured pressure of teaching and building up a new generation.

    InfraSpace may seem like a hard game to manage but it has a wide variety of difficulty settings in order to adapt to your liking, so don't be afraid to give it a try.

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