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Sacred Fire: A Role Playing Game

  • PC
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    Play as a refugee hunted by Rome in this psychological role-playing game. Sacred Fire: A Role Playing Game allows you to control the story by building your willpower and mastering battle tactics. Your choices will determine if you're an outcast or a hero.

    Start by creating the body and mind of your character. Be brave and impulsive, or traumatized but gifted in strength. Customize your traits and appearance in order to follow the playstyle of your choice. Explore the path you've chosen and enjoy the freedom given to you, in order to interpret your own story. Learn new traits and expand your mind and overcome beliefs, unlock motives and secrets of others. Role-play your way through the story, full of opportunities for your characters to fail or triumph.

    Strength is not always the better option, you'll have to use psychological tactics in battles to overcome, pain, anger, or fear, and reach your peak performance. Show your opponent how skillful, determined, or in control you are, and make him lose his temper. Build up the strategy of your liking, with diplomacy in relationships, or gaining allies to resolve conflicts. Gain new followers, wealth, renown, and respect, in a competition with other characters.

    Choose to play as a male or female, each one of them offering new surprises. Explore your own way through Sacred Fire: A Role Playing Game, reach all 5 distinct endings and gain all 8 major achievements. Every one of the three acts comes with a different story. 

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