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    Imagine a world under the constant assault of the forces of darkness.Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a RTS game that places you in the middle of that world as humanity's only hope. You control the last bastion that resists the relentless attack of hordes of Nightmares that come from an endless fog that has devoured the world. 

    Start by gathering resources and devising a strategy. Then, proceed to build your defenses and recruit troops to defend against the monsters that will try to get through your walls and destroy everything. Get ready for the unexpected. The mist known as The Veil hides all kinds of horrors, and you never know what type of threat will be coming out of it or when. Try to maintain your city light at all times, as it's the only way of keeping the mist at bay. As you progress through each game, your units will gain experience and unlock more abilities, but keeping them alive will be more important than ever, as the number and variety of monsters attacking you will increase over time. Age of Darkness: Final Stand features procedurally generated maps, so each game is completely different.

    Are you cunning and resourceful enough to stop an endless swarm of monsters before they destroy the last remnants of humanity? You will have to prove it in Age of Darkness: Final Stand.

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