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Age of Darkness: Final Stand launches campaign mode

Age of Darkness: Final Stand launches campaign mode

Age of Darkness: Final Stand, which has been in Early Access since it was first launched in October 2021, is getting its largest update so far. Developer Playside Studios and Team 17 have announced Flames of Retribution, containing seven out of ten planned chapters, a new hero, and more. Check out the Age of Darkness: Final Stand campaign prologue trailer now:



Much like They Are Billions, Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a survival RTS where you face legions of enemies called Nightmares. You are always outnumbered in the game thanks to its patented SwarmTech technology, which can throw 70,000 enemies at you all at once. Your task is to defend humanity’s last bastion against the Nightmares from the Veil, a dark mist that surrounds your lands, hides enemies, and drains life from any who comes in contact with it. You must survive five Death Nights where the game becomes exponentially harder and the enemies more numerous. Thankfully, you have various powerful characters to help you.

Flames of Retribution adds Merek Longhold, also called “The Bolstering Might”, who wields an enormous halberd and acts as a brawler. He and the other members of The Order will appear in the game’s Survival Mode to help hold back the tide of Nightmares. However, the Veil also holds its own elite units: Spitters, Crushers, Wraiths, and worse will attack your stronghold each night to test your skills. To win, you must use not just your heroes’ skills, but be smart about constructing buildings, recruiting units for your army, and managing resources. 

Flames of Retribution launches this April 19 for PC via Steam. If you want to test your mettle in this dark fantasy RTS, grab an Age of Darkness: Final Stand PC key at the cheapest prices from our comparator. 

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