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    Humans failed to survive on our planet, and their own way of life led to their destruction. Many species have survived to their downfall, and they have adapted well enough to the new circumstances. You will control one of them to see how far can it fare in the dry wasteland that is now the planet, and it's no other than beavers. Yes, Timberborn puts you in control of one of two different beaver factions and challenges you with building a civilization. Choose between the Folktails, a group of eco-friendly rodents, and the laborious Iron Teeth, which are more focused on progress at all costs.

    You will have to gather resources and build up a settlement using timber. Beaver's knowledge of engineering will be key to your progress. Of course, the world of Timberborn won't make things easy for you, and you will have to deal with a seasonal cycle as well as a day/night cycle. The well-being of your people is of utmost importance, so stockpiling goods to get through the dry season will be a must. The constant threat of recurring droughts will require you to devise a complex system of water engineering to keep your crops and the nearby forests alive to have enough resources at hand. As you build a bigger settlement and the population increases, their demands will too, and you will have to satisfy their needs.

    Timberborn features a wide variety of maps and scenarios to explore, but you can also create new ones with a complete editor included in the game and share them with other players. Who said that beavers couldn't build a city by themselves? 

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