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    Run, shoot, and sneak through a nightmare cyberpunk dystopia in FORECLOSED, a third-person action thriller made in the visual style of a comic book. As Evan Kapnos, you must figure out why your identity has been Foreclosed. Your job, your access to the city blockchain, and your very identity have been taken away by the government. You must solve this conspiracy before you are stripped of your own life as well.

    Unlock skills using an RPG-style system. By implanting hardware into your body, gain the ability to hack enemies and overheat their implants. Gain telekinesis to launch opponents through the air or pummel them with objects. Use your hacking skills to open doors, capture CCTV cameras, and set deadly traps. Use mods to upgrade your gun with rapid-fire capabilities and explosive rounds.  

    FORECLOSED’s graphic-novel storytelling and visual aesthetic style will captivate you and make you feel like a gritty comic book noir hero. Will you be able to regain your identity, or are you just another bit to be erased from the system?

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