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    Extend your influence around the globe as the Head of State in Power & Revolution 2021 Edition. Choose which country you play with and pick the legal or illegal side in order to seize power.

    The game is a simulation of our current world, recreating in-depth events across a number of domains. There are more than 10 hours of recorded dialogue, 15,000 texts, 100,000 data, inside the scenario engines. Manage every aspect of the world, from economics, commerce, construction, wargames, simulation, and espionage, to political influence and manipulation. You'll be able to control more than one country and create collaborative strategies in order to change their destiny. There are more than twenty contextual scenarios from today's world integrated into the game, with multiple game settings for the country's activity, ranging from the probability of natural disaster to outbreak of wars or terrorist attacks.

    In this 2021 Editionyou will face the challenges of the aftermath of a pandemia which is Covid-19. Regain hope as you see vaccines arrive and put an end to the health crisis. Carry out campaigns as the leader of your nation in order to battle against the virus.

    There are many global threats that are simulated in this game. From global warming, wider social inequality, global atomic war, overpopulation, cybercrime, world hunger, and natural disasters, to disappearing animal species and epidemics. Face these threats on any side of the coin. You'll be able to play as a legal or illegal leader and gain power by force, revolution, diplomacy, or democratic elections. 

    All actions have consequences and the AI-controlled characters will show you just that. You may experience resignations, press interviews, protests, strikes, unrest, and wars, based on your decisions. Depending on which side you represent you will be able to direct police, military personnel, hooligans, and armed extremists to realistic locations within city battles. Use the special service to reveal scandals about your opponents, sabotage a foreign infrastructure, assassinate the opposition, or position satellites to locate your enemy.

    You may use the UN in order to denounce a nation and obtain authorization for military intervention. Or maybe create your own organization of united countries.

    The game includes multiple options of gameplay such as:

    • Single-player with multi-country mode

    • Online real-time ranking of players

    • Use your own photos, logos, and names

    • An interactive and useful tutorial

    • A QUIZZ mode including more than 3000 questions

    • 4K screen with a customized interface

    • Modding Tool extension

    • Simulation of the European Union

    • Biden's Challenge

    • Simulation of fatalities

    • Meetings of heads of state

    • New real-world situations

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