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    Enter the dark fantasy-themed world of Deepest Chamber and build your own deck to fight against your enemies. You'll be able to build a deck from a mix of different classless ability cards, scavenge for goods and search for ancient powerful trinkets. Solve the mystery of the story by meeting new characters that can turn out to be friends or enemies. Take on the challenging task of descending into the depths of a medieval city and find the truth behind it.

    This used to be the most advanced city in the kingdom, but now, a mysterious magical dome is covering it and an awful disease is spreading like fire. Take action as a group of former City Guards and reformed scoundrels, and help find the origin of this mysterious disease in Deepest Chamber

    These are the main features of Deepest Chamber:

    • An easy to get into deckbuilding card game, with enough complexity to make it hard to master.

    • The Run type customization gives you the option to choose between two modes, Quest Runs and Salvage Runs.

    • A vast variety of cards, trinkets, consumables, and enemies, providing great replayability.

    • There are no class restrictions, so focus on the synergistic side of deckbuilding.

    • New areas, cards, relics, monsters, bosses, and more challenges waiting for you to unlock them.

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