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One Lonely Outpost

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    Discover the joy of colonizing an alien planet in One Lonely Outpost, a farming and colony simulator. Your arrival at the surface of a barren alien world will change it forever. Your mission is to turn it into a paradise covered in lush greenery and cultivated fields. With the help of your small robotic companion and the seeds in the cargo of your ship, you will have enough to start a terraforming and farming operation on a colossal scale.

    Start small. Explore your surroundings, gather materials, terraform the desert, and plant some crops. Eventually, you will have a small outpost that will serve as your base of operations. Continue expanding it and you will soon attract other colonists that will help you make this world life-sustaining. One Lonely Outpost features a detailed crafting system that allows you to create whatever you need to achieve your goal. You can also explore, fish, cook, and take on a plethora of different activities.

    One Lonely Outpost asks you to aim for a bright future as the leader of a community that will take the planet into a new era. You will establish relationships with other colonists and delve into the past of the planet to discover its secrets.

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