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    Dive into an epic adventure with Lost Ruins, a 2D metroidvania platformer with a retro pixelated art style. You play as a young girl who finds herself lost in a dungeon. She has no memory of how she got there, and even worse, of her past. But luckily for her, she will be accompanied by a magician named Beatrice. She will rescue her and help her out of this bad situation which takes the form of a hostile dungeon filled with monstrous and ferocious creatures. She will also discover the secrets of the Lost Ruins.

    Lost Ruins offers you an arsenal of different weapons to fight your enemies, from swords to axes, but you can also wield magic to deal with the monsters that populate the dungeon. You'll also be able to equip various pieces of armor, allowing you to tailor your play style to suit your preferences. But you may not realize that there's also another powerful weapon in Lost Ruins: the environment around you, which can be used to your advantage to get you out of difficult situations. 

    Make your way through the dungeon and try to recover your memory in Lost Ruins

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