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    Base One is a sci-fi base builder that incorporates strategy and RPG elements. Take control of a starbase, manage its resources and its crew, and expand your reach across the uncharted regions of space.

    In the distant future, a wormhole appears near Earth, causing a cataclysm that makes the world unlivable. Seeking to escape our solar system, humans created a convoy of ships to explore space beyond the wormhole. However, the mother ship is destroyed, stranding your crew on the other side. As the captain, you have no choice but to build a colony in the stars in order to survive.

    Start off by building a hub that forms the center of your starbase and expand from there. Construct life support systems, medical bays, living quarters, power sources, and defense systems. Plan the layout of the base in order to provide oxygen, water, heat, and power to all your modules. You will also need to build the equipment that goes into them.

    Of course, a colony is nothing without a crew. Your people all have their own perks, abilities, and characteristics. Be sure to employ them according to their skills and provide for their needs to keep them happy.

    Once your base is built, you need to protect it from threats this side of the wormhole. Build turrets to shoot down asteroids that come hurtling your way. Use your military forces to fend off attacks from space pirates.

    Above all, manage and proportion your resources accordingly as your base expands. Being able to make do with meager resources will be your most important skill if you are to live and thrive in space. The survival ofBase One is in your hands, Captain. Good luck.

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