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    Get ready for a chill and peaceful game with Before We Leave, a strategic city-builder that features non-violence at its core. You are the leader of a group of people (the Peeps) that has spent many years underground after the previous civilization destroyed itself. The Peeps don’t have any idea what it’s like to walk under the sun or smell an ocean breeze. You must lead them out of the darkness and help them to rebuild the world.

    Rise as a new civilization. Build settlements for your Peeps. Your people are innocents — they know next to nothing about building a city. You need to guide them to discover and research old technology in order to build something new.

    Break new ground. First, expand across different islands and six different biomes. Once you have the technology, start expanding across planets as well. True to the game’s non-violent nature, you will never have to compete against another civilization; all you need to do is manage your people and your resources. However, beware of the Guardians, strange beings who will seek to undermine your progress.

    Manage your civilization. Not only you have to gather resources, but you must also create efficient production methods, strike a balance between living spaces and economic buildings, plot out the placement of your structures, and trade with other settlements. There’s always a lot to do in Before We Leave, but when your Peeps rise as a civilization, they will be eternally grateful.

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