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    Bring the pen-and-paper RPG into the future with TaleSpire, a 3D tool for running tabletop RPGs online! In an increasingly connected world, it’s hard to have the feel of using miniatures on a fully customized map. TaleSpire helps you to bridge that gap by using digital tools to build a beautifully rendered world that you can create in cooperation with others. Build enormous maps, create cinematic shots, move miniatures for characters and creatures, and use special effects to liven up your game session.

    Build the world you want. Set up walls, ruins, dungeons, deserts, and more. You can alter objects on the fly depending on where the campaign goes. 

    Use your tools, whether they be dice, rulers, emotes, cutscenes, or special modes, TaleSpire has it. Each tool is easy to learn and use.   

    Rules agnostic. Use whatever RPG rule system you prefer. Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, oranything works as long as you need a grid map to play it.

    Design of new assets. The library of assets continues to expand over time to add to your enjoyment. And what you make, you can share with the online community through TalesBazaar and TalesTavern. An entire RPG world is yours to create!

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    Are you prepared to step onto the pitch in EA Sports FC 24, where victory is just a goal away and the thrill of the game knows no bounds? Get ready for the ultimate football experience. Are you up for the challenge?
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