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    Some quests can’t be done alone: sometimes, it takes a family. Join the unlikely pair of adventurers: a young woman and her grandmother, as they go on a perilous quest in this fast-paced and outlandish action platformer! After dangerous cursed slimes invaded their peaceful village, the grandmother-granddaughter team needs to work together to solve this mystery and find a way to save their home.

    Fast-paced action. Fight your way through 46 challenging levels that demand cleverness, timing, and multiple skills. 

    Use the right skills where needed. Granddaughter can slow time and shoot arrows with various abilities, Grandmother can glide through the air with her blanket parachute. You need both these skills in order to face the many challenges coming your way. 

    Fight a variety of monsters. THey’ll try to impede your every step through the levels, so be ready for them. 

    Winner of various indie game prizes such as the Unity 2020 Best Indie Game award, Dark Water: Slime Invader features a unique pastel watercolor art style and beautiful music by Mega Man composer Manami Mastumae. If you’re up for a fast-paced action platformer, this game is just the ticket!

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