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    Step into the shoes of an airport tycoon in Airport CEO. In this strategy and management game, you will design and run your very own airport from top to bottom. Do it right and your books will be in the black. Do it wrong, and you’re going to hear an earful from your customers!

    Build it and they will come. As the owner, you will first design your own airport from its runways to its buildings. Establish the foundations, walls, floors, and entryways. Put up restaurants and shopping centers, and don’t forget the bathrooms!

    Run things your way. To create cash flow you need to sign contracts with airlines. You need to meet their requirements and plan flight schedules accordingly. You will also need to hire and manage employees, ranging from executives to custodial staff. How they interact and service customers will impact your bottom line.

    Bring in passengers. Paying customers are the lifeblood of your airport. They each have their own needs and personalities, and you have to manage their expectations of your services. You will need to create information kiosks to handle lost passengers, install more booths to prevent long queues, and put up shops to keep customers occupied.  If you can keep them happy, they will keep coming back.

    Being the boss isn’t for the faint-hearted. You will need to handle emergencies and make difficult decisions to keep your business afloat. And as your airport grows, you need to add more infrastructure and hire more staff. That’s all part and parcel of being an Airport CEO.

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