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    Live out your fighting fantasies in Fights in Tight Spaces, a card-based strategy game where you knock out enemies as efficiently as possible — action-movie style. You are an agent of Section 11, the organization they call as a last resort when jobs take a turn for the deadly. As a master combatant, you must complete a series of missions against powerful criminal organizations — usually by breaking some heads.

    Close Combat Card Shark. Select your fight moves from over 150 cards and build your own deck. Create combinations that fit your favorite strategies and counter your enemies’ moves. 

    Get ‘Em Good. Upgrade your cards and your agent’s skills as you progress. 

    Superior Tactics. Invariably, the fight will never be fair. You face more than one enemy at a time, most of them armed. You must use smart tactics, control the confined space, and take out your enemies quickly. You have to, since some missions include protecting a VIP.

    You will have to prepare, think ahead, and fight smart if you want to survive Fights in Tight Spaces.

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    Comments on Fights in Tight Spaces

    Dec 26, 2021, 3:24 PM
    A very original tactical roguelike deckbuilder that does a good job of recreating fights in the style of the famous Indonesian martial arts film, "The Raid" or the train fight in the James Bond movie, "Spectre" (basically brutal hand to hand fights in cramp spaces).
    Feb 24, 2022, 1:26 AMon
    Petit jeu très cool si vous aimez les decks builder !
    Very cool little game if you like deck builders!
    Dec 17, 2021, 7:05 PMon
    Estos juegos siempre me han llamada la atención.
    These games have always caught my attention.
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