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    Labyrinthine is a survival horror experience that takes you to a scenario that is suitable to appear in any horror movie and that can be overwhelming by itself given the right conditions: the Hedge Maze at ol Jonny Honk’s Fair. The game challenges you and three of your friends to explore the heart of a dark maze, unraveling the mysteries of this strange place in the process. The maze grows around the house of an old lady that disappeared eight years earlier, and it has been abandoned for a while. Now it's been chosen as the new attraction in the local fair, and it needs to be prepared for that. the place looks quite normal and dull during the day, but everything seems to change at night.  

    Labyrinthine is an immersive experience that offers much more than a simple navigation challenge, and the maze is full of puzzles that you will have to solve and bloodthirsty denizens that harbor ill intentions towards anyone who invade this haunted place. What seemed to be entertainment rapidly turns into something much more dangerous and mysterious. One wrong could potentially lead you to a very unpleasant surprise. But may find some clues that could help you find your way in this seemingly endless entanglement of narrow and dark corridors, and if you coordinate your efforts with your friends you may be able to escape from this nightmare. 

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